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Cloud Life Cycle Management

In the dynamic realm of IT, mastering the orchestration of resources within a cloud environment is paramount. Enter the domain of Cloud Life Cycle Management (CLM), the vanguard that defines and navigates the intricate journey of resources provisioned into the cloud. This transcendent solution extends beyond mere technicality, offering a comprehensive portal for customers to seamlessly navigate and manage their cloud resources.

Business Challenges

To foster digital innovation, IT organizations grapple with the imperative to deliver services promptly and adeptly. The rising trend of business users circumventing traditional channels and independently provisioning infrastructure from public clouds introduces an unwarranted layer of risk. The onus is on IT to reclaim its stature as the primary purveyor of services by facilitating swift delivery across diverse platforms while safeguarding the business against escalating risks.

Solution Overview

Embrace the avant-garde solution - Cloud Lifecycle Management. This paradigm-shifting system propels innovation and ensures the perpetual delivery of digital services. Seamlessly orchestrating and securing application and infrastructure services across hybrid environments, CLM integrates with core IT management processes to mitigate risks and curtail costs.

Key Business Benefits

On-Demand Empowerment

Liberate yourself from dependence on IT personnel; request what you need, when you need it.

Agility Amplified

Experience the nimbleness of services offered, adapting dynamically to your evolving business landscape.

Unified Control Center

A single pane of glass empowers you to request, view, and manage individual Virtual Machines (VMs) effortlessly.

Financial Transparency

Implement showback and chargeback mechanisms for requested resources, fostering financial accountability.

Efficiency Through and Automation

Elevate productivity with pre-defined templates, resource management, policy governance, and tenant management.


Pre-defined Templates

Streamline processes with meticulously crafted templates.

Policy Management

Enforce governance with robust policy controls.

Self-Service Portal

Empower users with a user-friendly, self-service

Resource Management

Optimize and orchestrate resources with finesse.

Tenant Management

Tailor the experience with granular tenant-level management.

Platform Neutrality

Unshackle from platform constraints, ensuring adaptability across diverse environments.

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Key Business Benefits

Improve End-User Experience

Elevate user satisfaction by optimizing application performance.

Proactive Approach:

Anticipate and address potential issues before they impact your business.

Provide Better Visibility:

Enhance understanding of application behavior for informed decision-making.

Improve Business Continuity:

Ensure uninterrupted operations through proactive monitoring and issue resolution.

High Productivity:

Maximize organizational productivity with a high-performing application environment.


Dynamic Baseline

Establish dynamic baselines to better understand normal application behavior.

Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate user interactions to proactively identify and address potential performance issues.

Server Visibility​

Gain comprehensive visibility into the performance of your servers.

Code Level Visibility

Drill down to the code level to identify and optimize specific performance bottlenecks.