Capacity Optimization

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Capacity Optimization

In the dynamic landscape of technological evolution, the concept of Capacity Optimization emerges as a pivotal solution, seamlessly harmonizing IT resources with the ever-evolving demands of business services. This sophisticated solution transcends conventional paradigms, presenting a comprehensive strategy to enhance resource utilization and curtail costs.

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Business Challenges

As enterprises embrace technologies and integrate cloud services for expeditious and reliable digital service delivery, the intricacies of planning and managing IT infrastructure usage and expenditures reach unprecedented levels of complexity. With IT resources straddling both capital and operational expenses, the imperative to optimize existing resources intensifies, compelling organizations to procure additional resources judiciously.

Solution Overview

Capacity Optimization affords an encompassing perspective of the entire IT infrastructure landscape, encompassing the realms of physical, virtual, containers, and the cloud. This multifaceted solution empowers IT professionals to seamlessly integrate, expunge, or adjust compute, storage, network, and various other infrastructure resources, aligning them with the dynamic demands of applications and services.

Capacity Optimization

Key Business Benefits

Reclamation of Dormant Resources

Effortlessly identify and reclaim unused resources, optimizing overall efficiency.

Predictive Resource Planning

Harness the power of usage history to predict and plan future IT resource needs proactively.

Granular Insights into Resource Utilization

Gain unprecedented visibility across the enterprise, spanning physical, virtual, containers, and cloud infrastructure resources.

Dynamic Forecasting and Modeling

The ability to forecast, model, and adapt IT resources in real-time to meet the ever-shifting demands of the business.


Business-Aware Analytics

Comprehend the health of the infrastructure supporting business services, mitigating service failures and slowdowns.

Cloud Migration Simulation

Simulate migrations to public cloud environments, ensuring a seamless transition.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scale up or down with ease, empowered by the foresight to forecast, model, and adjust IT resources in response to evolving service demands.

Service Views

Enabling a nuanced perspective on services, facilitating a deeper understanding of their intricacies.

Timely Application Deployment

Secure timely deployment of applications by reserving IT resources judiciously for new applications and services.

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Key Business Benefits

Improve End-User Experience

Elevate user satisfaction by optimizing application performance.

Proactive Approach:

Anticipate and address potential issues before they impact your business.

Provide Better Visibility:

Enhance understanding of application behavior for informed decision-making.

Improve Business Continuity:

Ensure uninterrupted operations through proactive monitoring and issue resolution.

High Productivity:

Maximize organizational productivity with a high-performing application environment.


Dynamic Baseline

Establish dynamic baselines to better understand normal application behavior.

Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate user interactions to proactively identify and address potential performance issues.

Server Visibility​

Gain comprehensive visibility into the performance of your servers.

Code Level Visibility

Drill down to the code level to identify and optimize specific performance bottlenecks.