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Cloud Infrastructure Management Service

Spot by NetApp is a solution designed to optimize the management and use of cloud infrastructure services. It employs analytics and automation to predict ongoing cost, availability, capacity, and workload requirements. Spot provides continuous cost optimization and automation for cloud computing, so your cloud infrastructure workloads are always available, always scalable, and always at the lowest possible cost.

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Business Challenges

A lot of cloud native companies are experiencing a high amount of burn rate through high cloud costs and inefficient infrastructure operations. Spot by NetApp can help reduce both.

Customers are realizing significant value by leveraging the cloud service solutions to improve their business operations while optimizing their public cloud infrastructure resources. This results in a three-year ROI of 696%.

• 41% more efficient IT Infrastructure staff.

• 30% more productive DevOps teams. Allows customers get to market 26% faster.

• Organizations have 10% more compute instance/virtual machines available as needed.

Solution Overview

Efficiency in IT infrastructure unfolds as a harmonious blend of compactness and efficacy. The orchestration of Data Center Migration emerges as the beacon guiding us towards a singular haven for our infrastructure. The consolidation strategy not only curtails capital investments but also slashes operating costs. This ethos extends to migration, wherein the embrace of virtual systems, such as the cloud, reshapes the IT landscape for optimal functionality.

Key Business Benefits

Ensure availability
& performance

Continuously optimize
cloud resources

Reduce cloud
infrastructure costs.


Cloud Analyzer

• Provides free insights into infrastructure usage and costs across workloads, services, regions and AWS accounts.
• Shows how and where you can reduce costs.


• Delivers a serverless containers experience.
• Robust, container-driven auto-scaling and intelligent rightsizing that supports ECS, EKS and Kubernetes.
• Teams can "set and forget" the underlying EC2 Spot Instance cluster.


• Provides full lifecycle management for Reserved Instances and Savings Plans.
• maximize the ROI on your compute commitments.


• Deploy mission-critical workloads on EC2 Spot Instances with availability and enterprise SLAs to save up to 90% on compute .
• advanced auto-scaling for predictable performance, plus integrations with dozens of AWS services and tools.

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Key Business Benefits

Improve End-User Experience

Elevate user satisfaction by optimizing application performance.

Proactive Approach:

Anticipate and address potential issues before they impact your business.

Provide Better Visibility:

Enhance understanding of application behavior for informed decision-making.

Improve Business Continuity:

Ensure uninterrupted operations through proactive monitoring and issue resolution.

High Productivity:

Maximize organizational productivity with a high-performing application environment.


Dynamic Baseline

Establish dynamic baselines to better understand normal application behavior.

Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate user interactions to proactively identify and address potential performance issues.

Server Visibility​

Gain comprehensive visibility into the performance of your servers.

Code Level Visibility

Drill down to the code level to identify and optimize specific performance bottlenecks.