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Why ESM?

IT’s progress from cost centre to a profit centre is an accepted fact in most modern organisations. With this evolution, however, has come a dependency that makes IT highly conspicuous in the event of any absence, however partial or temporary. And the ramifications extend from customer to stakeholder. If an e-commerce web-site fails, for instance, its temporary break in service may lead to a far more permanent loss of business.

What this means is that IT is no longer a disparate, invisible entity. Whilst it still continues to perform most of its magic behind the scenes, the previous demarcations that distinguished IT from Business are blurred to the point of non-existence. The more cohesive the functioning of IT with the business, the greater the ROI the business enjoys -- not merely in monetary terms but the far more elusive goal of customer delight.

IT has thus become the enabler that ensures the business is greater than the sum of its three primary components, viz., the customers, the processes that support those customers and the infrastructure (IT and other) that supports the business.

Enlightened businesses are integrating their business practices and processes to the point where everything happens in unity with IT. Change management is one example. For change implementation to be truly effective, the practices and processes must be applied on an enterprise-wide basis. This means focussing on specific areas, such as service desk, incident management, problem management (root cause analysis), release management and service management. Pure performance metrics, which are apt to be misleading, too must be supplanted for performance metrics, which are accurate and more revealing.

So in the grand scheme of business, IT’s prime objective today is to create an environment that empowers the enterprise to be productively proactive. And this is possible only by adopting a best practice and enterprise approach; an approach that replaces frictional processes with the far more desirable phenomenon of frictionless business.

System Integration
Without ESS it was IMPOSSIBLE ! I want to thank the team for all the hard efforts, sleepless nights and dedication which turned the show around. I have no words to show my gratitude for the mammoth efforts ESS has put to make this happen.Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart”

– Project Director, WIPRO

“ESS did an excellent job with the BMC Blade Logic Client Automation implementation. The team was always ready with updates when I needed them, stuck to the budget and the timeline, and was able to provide a great overview of the application to myself and my management. I appreciate all of the hard work and enthusiasm toward getting this done not only on time, but ahead of schedule.”

– Enterprise Operations Manager, cricketcommunications.com

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank ESS for all the hard work done on the BMC RaaS project. All the work assigned was completed on time and the delivery was as requested. The quality of workmanship definitely "shines through". I assure in the future that we need people to recommend in Remedy within HCL and ESS will always be in the list”

- Project Manager, HCL

Thanks so much! Its our pleasure to have partner like ESS and look forward for many more business opportunities to work together in future. You guys are terrific!

- NSS Head, Cognizant
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