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What’s the incentive for using an Incentive Management System?

Incentive schemes are a common and effective motivational tool. From enhancing sales and improving profitability to building inter/intra team productivity, incentives play an important role in business strategies. But as a company grows and its human resources multiply, monitoring and managing the diverse, concurrent incentive schemes can become an unwieldy and complex task.

Paradoxically, it is at this stage that it becomes increasingly vital that the sales team remains well informed about the various schemes that are applicable to them and the benefits that they stand to gain from the same.
ESS provides an easy, automated solution to manage the various incentive schemes routinely run by companies focused on growth.

ESS – Incentive Management System (IMS) is web based, providing access from anywhere, anytime, with the help of unique login and password. Intuitive, easy to understand and easier to use, the IMS interface offers a high degree to customizability, making it simple to be tailored to your particular requirement.

ESS IMS makes it easy to:
  • Create new schemes within a few minutes by selecting parameters like product, area, duration, type of scheme, etc. , all of which can be preset in line with your processes
  • Integrate with sales tracking, salary calculating, HR automation software and reduce the tedious and time consuming manual work
  • Automate the system, reducing errors and thus minimizing complaints, reducing the need for frequent cross checks, and providing an easy audit trail, when required
  • Estimate the impact of a particular scheme by using previous data or by entering expected sales numbers. Quantifying results makes it easier to present the benefits of the schemes to the sales team as well as the company as a whole
  • Upload circulars online & ensure everyone concerned is intimated about the circulars and new schemes by use of sms and/or email alerts
  • Reduce the number of human links in the chain, thus ensuring that the scheme implementation is not affected by the absence of any individuals

For the sales team in particular, IMS offers a host of benefits including:

  • Facilitate incentive planning
  • Enable them to check their past records and estimate the probability of achieving targets, and the corresponding efforts needed.
  • Calculate where they stand in terms of the rewards or points that they have gathered, at a click of a button
  • Receive automated timely alerts about their status, thus ensuring there is no error in the calculation of the incentive and there is minimum time gap between the end of schemes and payment.
  • Raise queries online about incentive scheme, track the progress of the query get answers promptly and check all previously asked questions.
  • Ensure that the same questions are not asked repeatedly and the frequently asked questions are answered immediately.
Companies in Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Insurance and, in fact, every organization that depends on sales to flourish will benefit immensely from the many, varied benefits provided by ESS – Incentive Management System
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Without ESS it was IMPOSSIBLE ! I want to thank the team for all the hard efforts, sleepless nights and dedication which turned the show around. I have no words to show my gratitude for the mammoth efforts ESS has put to make this happen.Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart”

– Project Director, WIPRO

“ESS did an excellent job with the BMC Blade Logic Client Automation implementation. The team was always ready with updates when I needed them, stuck to the budget and the timeline, and was able to provide a great overview of the application to myself and my management. I appreciate all of the hard work and enthusiasm toward getting this done not only on time, but ahead of schedule.”

– Enterprise Operations Manager, cricketcommunications.com

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank ESS for all the hard work done on the BMC RaaS project. All the work assigned was completed on time and the delivery was as requested. The quality of workmanship definitely "shines through". I assure in the future that we need people to recommend in Remedy within HCL and ESS will always be in the list”

- Project Manager, HCL

Thanks so much! Its our pleasure to have partner like ESS and look forward for many more business opportunities to work together in future. You guys are terrific!

- NSS Head, Cognizant
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